Eat here: Boundary Espresso, Melbourne (cafe)

Boundary Espresso
107 High St, Preston

Happy Friday everyone! Congrats on making it through yet another week (almost)! By this stage, you should be considering brunch options for the weekend; allow me to assist. I’ve driven past this place over and over again without ever really noticing it – pretty easy to do with it’s run down,  hole-in-the-wall exterior, tucked away in Preston. But last weekend, after the final round (hopefully) of hospital tests, I made my way over there for a post-fast breaky/what’s-been-doing? dates with JV, on a recommendation she’d had from a work colleague.

It’s a teeny tiny little space a few doors down from Chew, with room inside for maybe 20 brunchers, and another 10 or so outside. The kitchen is a little matchbox stuck in behind the front counter, and they work the cramped area surprisingly well.

The menu consists of a number of baked egg items (like the baked eggs with chorizo and guacamole, and the caramelised leek and goats cheese baked omelette), as well as a nice range of pides – the Turkish influence on the menu is pretty apparent.

JV went with the spinach and cheese gözleme, which looked pretty delicious. I went with the green eggs and ham (baked eggs, rocket, pesto & Barkly Smokehouse grandmother ham) with gluten free bread from Fatto A Mano Bakery. Unfortunately,  eggs were well and truly overdone – no gooey, dripping orange yolk to be found 😦  BUT the ham was incredible – thickly cut pieces, rich, smoked flavour, and the pesto was the perfect accompaniment.

Great food and super friendly service, but for the cost (the green eggs & ham plus an English breakfast tea came to $21.00) and the fact that baked eggs are their specialty, I’d have expected to get eggs that weren’t so overcooked. That said, I’d still be keen to go back again – the pides looked great, and for under $10, really good value  if you need a cheap lunch option in the suburbs this weekend!

As for me, I’m gonna be leaving Melbourne for the weekend with the husband – we’re off to Beechworth for a special little event/challenge… if I make it through it one piece, I’ll tell you all about it when we get back on Monday 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Eat here: Boundary Espresso, Melbourne (cafe)

  1. Seriously I would have never gone in there because I wouldn’t have known there was a restaurant through that door. I love how you find these eating spot gems in your city and tell us all about it! I have reasons to visit Melbourne already (my cousins live there) but now you’ve given me a few more! Anything with Turkish influence on my plate – I say yes and yum! 🙂 enjoy the weekend getaway with the hubby.

    • Ohh thank you so much Beatrice, we’re very much looking forward to a quick getaway 🙂 Melbourne is literally FULL of hidden gems, it’s what makes living here so amazing!! Hopefully you’ll get to visit sooner rather than later 🙂

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