Prisoners On The Run 2015

A few months ago, I participated in the Wanderlust 108 “triathlon” in Melbourne, which you can read more about here – basically, it was a “kind” triathlon, comprised of a 5km run, a 90min yoga session, and some meditation to end with. The run was a challenge for me (I am not a natural athlete), but I trained for it and did surprisingly well – even more of a surprise was that I actually enjoyed training for it! A week after Wanderlust 108, I decided that I wanted to keep myself motivated, so to give myself a reason to keep training, I decided to enter myself in another fun run – the 8km Prisoners On The Run in Beechworth. 


The annual 8km run is held to raise money for local disabled and disadvantaged kids, with the added bonus of being held far away from home; husband decided to enter as well, and we decided to make a weekend of it! 


I’ll write a little more about it when the trip is over (busy enjoying it right now!) but for now, I managed to cross the finish line in 57 minutes, 3 minutes quicker than my “I wish” goal time, despite the hills, the sore throat, the late withdrawal of my husband/running partner and the torn cartilage in both hips. I did it, I couldn’t be prouder, and self-pride is not all that common for me! 


The weekend has also been amazing here – beautiful weather, incredible accommodation, delicious food and time to actually relax and enjoy it! Looking forward to sharing a bit more about the beautiful town of Beechworth next week 🙂


2 thoughts on “Prisoners On The Run 2015

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