Eat here: Second Home, Melbourne (brunch/bakery)

Second Home
21 Brougham St, Eltham, Melbourne


Not a bad greeting to this new little outer suburbian hidey hole 🙂 Only a few weeks after launching Entrecote City, Jason M Jones and partner in delicious crime and Eltham girl Catherine Westwood got this beautiful second home up and running earlier this month. It’s only Monday morning and Saturday’s brunch date already seems like it was so long ago!

Second Home is set in amongst the big, leafy trees and quiet streets of Eltham. It looks pretty unassuming from the outside, but take a step inside and you’ll immediately fall in love with the beautiful high ceilings, clean minimalist interior and perfectly “Eltham” touches like the native flowers on the tables. Second Home is not only an eatery, but also an art gallery and bakery; the baskets of bread you walk into upon entry, along with the beautiful jars of preserves,  will be tempting – make a mental note to grab something on your way out…

But first, we brunch! We arrived at 9.30am on a Saturday morning, making it only three steps through the front door before two lovely ladies came running over to greet us; we thankfully faced only a 5 minute wait (and that last had already started getting pretty long by the time we’d been seated). I have to say right from the get go that the service was fantastic. The staff were a well oiled machine, immaculately dressed and presented, and couldn’t have been more friendly and accommodating. In an industry where bad attitudes can often mean the difference between a good meal and rave review and some bad social media exposure, they were pretty on point in that aspect.

Menu wise, you’ve got breaky options, brunch options, and lunchy things from noon. JV went with the three cheese grilled five grain toast, and I went with the  “Pick Me Up Please” – a toasted English muffin stuffed with golden folded eggs, emmental cheese and Grandmothers ham. Surprisingly filling and at only $6.90, very well priced! Golden, simple, toasty perfection – loved it!

Don’t forget to stop by the extremely impressive pastry cabinet on your way out – with fluffy pink meringue clouds, towering cronuts and pretty as a picture home made musk sticks, you should probably pick something up to take home with you!

Before we moved to the northern suburbs, we lived another 15 minutes or so further out than Eltham. There was really nothing exciting out that way – even Eltham really didn’t have too much going for it. But a few years on and some creative minds are getting their paws on some under-utilised spaces and turning them into beautiful places for friends to meet. Sure, it’ll take you a little longer to get out there than the inner suburban haunts that most of us are comfortable with, but if you can make the time to get out there, trust me – you’ll be well rewarded  : )

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