Ways to keep your love & friendships strong: Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club!

Can’t count the years on one hand
That we’ve been together…

Actually, Paramore, can’t count them on two hands anymore either… Eleven years as of Monday, and counting 🙂  And, not to be a sentimental sap, but it’s been eleven pretty good years. We’ve been through a lot in those years…


We graduated from university together.
We completed a triathlon together.
We’ve seen each other through a few lots of surgery.
We’ve moved house four times.
We survived the most horrific dual case of food poisoning ever while holidaying in Vanuatu – in a hotel room that only had one bathroom.
We’ve travelled to 13 countries together.
We survived a 16 hour train trip across Egypt with no tears.
We’ve swam in the Nile
We’ve abseiled down a waterfall.
We got married.
We got a puppy who we learnt to keep alive together.
We dealt with the laundry in our new home flooding on his birthday.
We been strong for each other as we’ve each lost loved ones.
He’s supported me through two national taekwondo championship campaigns.
I’ve seen him play and coach his way to more basketball and football premierships than I can count.
Our loved ones have become each others’ loved ones.
We’ve learnt to communicate with little more than a raised eyebrow.
We’ve learnt that neither of us are perfect, but we are perfect together.

We’ve also worked out that the more effort we put in, the happier we are. And it can get hard to make proper, quality time for each other – we’re both busy people with our own interests and hobbies, and it’s easy to let the day to day crap get in the way. Mornings seem to be the worst; most mornings we barely see each other, because our routines are so different. So, a few months ago we decided to start Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club.

Every Wednesday morning, no excuses, we sit down and have breaky together. We both get up a bit earlier to make sure we’ve got a good half an hour to eat and chill out, catch up on our weeks so far, just hang out without phones (yes, really – after I take a photo of that week’s offering, no phones till we’re done!) or distractions. Why Wednesday? It’s mid week, and if you also work a standard sort of Monday to Friday job, you know what Wednesdays feel like… Blehhhh! We take turns each week to put breaky together (and believe it or not, it’s actually not gotten at all competitive… yet), and we’ve had some pretty damn good stuff so far…

At face value, it might not seem as romantic as roses and fancy candlelit dinners and couples massages, but we’re not into that shit – give us a good plate of bacon and eggs, a pot of tea, and a bit of quiet time to hang out any day! All relationships are different and we all have different things that work for us, but having that time set aside every week has made a really big difference this (crazy, hectic, testing, challenging, tough) year.

And I’m thinking this isn’t just a “couples thing” – it might be a nice idea to try out with your parents or siblings, your office bestie who you never seem to have time to hang with outside of work hours (turning up to work half an hour early isn’t so bad if you go on a breaky date before you power up those computers) or your housemate, who you rarely seem to discuss anything but rent money with, despite the fact you sleep maybe a few meters away from each other.

Anyway, I’m off to Japan on the weekend, so we’re sadly going to miss a week of Breakfast Club, but I’m already looking forward to the next one back after the trip 🙂


15 thoughts on “Ways to keep your love & friendships strong: Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club!

    • It’s so true – most of us are too busy after work or weekends; if we all have to eat breaky on a Wednesday morning, why not do it with a friend?! And being in NYC, you’d certainly have no shortage of amazing breakfast locations!!

  1. Lovely Jess 🙂 I love the idea of a regular breakfast date. We try to reserve Friday nights as date nights but they often get highjacked by other commitments. I also love the idea of mutual tattoos – my husband and I have mutual tattoos as well, which we got on our 10th wedding anniversary. The most special ink ever.

    • Thanks Chez 🙂 yeah we used to try to do Friday nights, but as you said, stuff always seems to come up!
      And thanku – we both love our tattoos as well! What have you guys got?!

      • My husband is part Maori and we’re both Gemini’s so we have a Maori interpretation of a Gemini symbol, both in the same place, on the solar plexus. The design also includes a symbol that references a close mutual friend whom we lost. It’s a pretty personal design! Is there a story behind yours?

      • What a beautiful idea, that sounds so gorgeous, and so lovely to be able to bring your friend into it, too 🙂
        Fiji was the first place we travelled to together; I’d already been 5 times before our first trip together and loved the traditional story of how the turtle is good luck to the Fijians. My husband loved it too, and we both love the Polynesian designs we saw there, and I guess the rest is history hehe

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