Read these: Hungry Planet: What The World Eats & What I Eat: Around The World in 80 Diets + What I Ate 21.October.2015

Food is (obviously) a big part of my life – it always has been, for various reasons, both good and bad, but probably more so now than almost any other point in my life; I’m currently dancing along the delicate tightrope of enthusiastic world foodie/food blogger/home cook & baker and disordered eater.

Part of my love for all things food is a great interest in what people eat; cultures and traditions centering around food really fascinate me, as do the different ways people look at their food – what it means to them (fuel or enjoyment or anything between), where it comes from, how they prepare it, the costs (ethically, financially) of their food, other people’s levels of disordered eating (because a lot of people are, to some extent), all that jazz. Which brings me to finally posting about two of my absolute favourite books, and I cannot believe I haven’t told you guys about them sooner – the incredible work of freelance photojournalist Peter Menzel and TV news producer/editor/writer Faith D’Aluisio, Hungry Planet: What The World Eats (the 2006 James Beard Book of the Year), and follow up What I Eat: Around The World in 80 Diets, are completely fascinating accounts of exactly what is eaten around the world.

Hungry Planet: What The World Eats is a stunning photographic and written representation of what families around the world eat in a week – photos of their week’s intake, along with grocery lists including the costs of that food and beautifully written interviews with the people who offered up a glimpse into their pantries, cultures and lives.  You can grab a copy here, and I really recommend you add this book to your shopping basket before you keep reading!

They followed that book up a few years later with What I Eat: Around The World in 80 Diets, which followed a similar format, but instead of the weekly intake of a family, they looked at the daily intake of individuals. Again, a completely fascinating and eye-opening account of not only the diets, but the lives and cultures of people around the world, a lot of whom told of their own struggles which always intertwined with their food; from restricting models to the desperately poor, the overweight, the rich and the very health conscious. I hope you kept your shopping basket open; add this one in there, check out, and then carry on reading 😉

So, with that inspiration in mind, I thought share what I ate today! an can be just as useful!

What I Ate: 21st October 2015

07:00 breakfast: Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club (his turn) – sourdough toast + hummus + mortadella + eggs

11:00 morning snack (my food doesn’t look this pretty every day, I’m just working from home today!) – yoghurt + kiwi + bits

12:50 lunch – left overs from last night – flour & polenta coated grilled fish + wild rice + stir fried carrot and bok choy with ginger, sesame seeds and oyster sauce

14:00 tea time – T2’s Lamington

15:10 afternoon snack – carrot and cucumber sticks with hummus (I don’t usually have hummus but there was a bit left over from breakfast club this morning!). And yes, I’m one of those weirdos who actually like raw carrot and cucumber sticks.

18:30 dinner – taco salad bowl – wild rice + chicken + lettuce + tomato + cucumber + charred corn off the cob + spring onion + coriander + mayo

22:00 tea time – T2’s Melbourne Breakfast

2 thoughts on “Read these: Hungry Planet: What The World Eats & What I Eat: Around The World in 80 Diets + What I Ate 21.October.2015

  1. Around The World in 80 Diets looks fascinating! I love to see what people eat, I’m weirdly voyeuristic about it! Your day of eating looks delicious and healthy 🙂

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