Treat yoself: The birthday edition part 2, city to suburbs – Operator 25 | Queen Vic Market | Myer Christmas Windows | Mr Scruff’s

For someone who didn’t want to celebrate her birthday, it really ended up dragging out for a while! After waking up to the sun rising over Flinders Street Station on Sunday morning (because we’re lunatics who are completely incapable of sleeping past like 6.30, 7am), it was time to head out and enjoy the sunshine in my most favourite city in the world 🙂 But first, breakfast (take notes, the weekend is here again and you deserve to treat yourself too, birthday or not!)…


Operator 25
25 Wills St, Melbourne CBD

This is one of those places I’d heard a lot about because every self-respecting Melbourne food blogger worth their weight in donuts has already been there and tried it. But not me; I spend all week working in the city so I’m not terribly inclined to get up early on the weekend to go back again! But finally the opportunity presented, and with my trip to Tokyo kicking my matcha obsession into high gear, there was only one thing I was interested in..

We arrived in perfect timing, right as the doors opened at 9am on Sunday morning; within 20 minutes, the place was packed. It’s a really beautiful space, with the dangling electrical cords and light fittings giving it a real industrial feel, and the prints on the wall giving it that nice Melbourne hipster kick that I love in my brunch spots so much. To start, tea and coffee for myself and husband respectively. Happy campers.

Husband didn’t want to risk food envy, so we both got the matcha crumpets ($18.00) – two bright green crumpets served with poached pears, berries, a seriously delicious creamy coconut kaya sauce, and mango and lychee pearls. Unfortunately for me, while they were nice and fluffy and thick all at the same time, the matcha flavour of the crumpets was fairly weak. But, the pearls, berries and kaya sauce combined to make a pretty spectacular breaky.

Super keen to get back and try some of the other breakfast options, and some of the desserts (Thai milk tea sago, I’m coming for you!) which looked pretty good, too.


Next up, because we were already in that area, was a visit to the good old
Queen Victoria Market
Cnr Victoria and Elizabeth Streets, Melbourne CBD

How can you not love this place?! It just screams Melbourne to me… I love spending a Sunday morning weaving in and out of the rows of market stalls, and usually enjoying something delicious to eat while doing it. Seeing as we’d just had breaky, we skipped the usual gozleme stop, and grabbed a jam doughnut each on the way out. Because as much as I love the fancy pants ones, there’s just not much better than a fresh jammy from the market 🙂


Next stop was one of the classics at this time of the year, and one I usually pass by quickly because I have absolutely no patience for crowds and long lines, but we were in no hurry last weekend, so we actually watched the full show that was the…
Myer Christmas Windows!
Myer Bourke St, Melbourne CBD

This year’s windows are both pretty cute and a little sad for dog lovers like me – poor Little Dog, the furry star of the show, manages to get himself lost at Christmas time, stuck in the Melbourne rain, and all alone! I, along with another particularly sensitive little girl, was a little distraught, but (SPOILER ALERT!) thankfully Little Dog makes it home in time for Christmas. They did an amazing job with all the Melbourne classics like the trams, Flinders St Station, and even the Hopetoun Tea Room!


After that, it was time to check out of our hotel and make our way home… but it wouldn’t be a proper celebratory weekend without a big fat burger, so husband decided to detour back via Collingwood (yay) and stop in at Mr Scruff’s for the big dirty birthday burger he knew I wanted. Good man…

Mr Scruff’s
60 Smith St, Collingwood

It’s a bar, it’s a burger house, it’s perfectly hipster and totally Melbourne. Choose from seating over multiple levels – out the front, in the beer garden out back, in a booth inside, wherever you’re feeling. Place your order at the bar, and get excited…

Ok, let’s talk chips. Being a Melbourne skeptic, I wasn’t sure $9 for chips with adobo saly and aioli was going to be particularly good value. Wrong. Best chips either of us have ever had to date, hands down. Every chip was golden and crunchy. The adobo salt was actually closer to fairy dust. We pretty much fought it out to the bottom of the basket of chips, and neither of us were even hungry. Holy crap.

And the headliner – the burger. We each got a beef burger ($10) with American cheese, cos lettuce, pickles, onion and special sauce. Plus bacon ($3), obviously. Bloody hell… I was apprehensive at first, because Easey’s burger came out looking sexy as hell and was a bit of a let down. This was pure magic. Everything about this burger was just so right. Bun was perfect. Chopped up cos lettuce was perfect – much better than giant leaves. Heaps of melted cheese and a half a pig worth of crispy bacon. Special sauce on point. And the patty – actually cooked properly – thick and juicy and still a little pink inside. All it needed was a squirt of ketchup and mustard, which were sitting on the table waiting for us, and that’s pretty close to a perfect burger…


WOW what a massive weekend! If you stuck it out with me over the last few days, I hope I’ve been able to give you some idea for the upcoming weekend, whether you want to treat yourself or enjoy some time with friends 🙂 We’re so lucky to live in Melbourne (and if you’re visiting, you’re super lucky, too!) – there is SO much to see and do here, and spending my birthday exploring this amazing city I love so much was the perfect way to go! That said, as much as I love this city, I also love taking off again, too… so guess who booked flights to visit Vietnam again next year?!

Have a great weekend everyone, hang out with people you love and enjoy what your city has to offer, wherever that city may be!

7 thoughts on “Treat yoself: The birthday edition part 2, city to suburbs – Operator 25 | Queen Vic Market | Myer Christmas Windows | Mr Scruff’s

  1. OK, I know you say the flavour was quite mild but as someone totally obsessed with matcha flavoured food, the fact that you’ve even found somewhere that serves matcha crumpets makes me totally envious!! Every time I hear of a place in London serving something new in matcha flavour, I pretty much start planning the next free day I have to go and try it out!

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