Chelsea Market shopping & eats (Beyond Sushi & Tuck Shop), New York, USA

We’ve done Europe and South East Asia; let’s head back around the world and visit New York this morning 🙂 We were there this time last year, actually, and it really was the trip of a lifetime. Of all the cities we visited (and there were quite a few), New York was obviously a highlight…

The Chelsea Market was my kind of place; we got to it after spending a while walking The High Line, and it was a more than welcome break from the frosty January cold. There’s a bit to see and do in there, including a world class food hall, which was our first stop. The first place that jumped out at us was Tuck Shop, because they claimed to be “the great Aussie bite” (see what they’ve done there?!). We’d be the judge of that, thanks. They do pies and sausage rolls, and thank goodness for that, because I was absolutely craving a sausage roll! It was a pork and sage number with a whole lot of other yummy bits inside it, and it was bloody delicious. Well done, Tuck Shop, very nice!



The next place that caught my eye was Beyond Sushi – a vegan sushi place, of all things. But, the pictures on the wall looked amazing and people were flying in and out, so we figured why the hell not?! We grabbed an orange coconut juice from the fridge, which happens to be the best juice I’ve ever drunk in my entire life, as well as a set of the Mighty Mushroom rolls – six grain rice filled with enoki, shiitake, tofu and micro arugula. It sounded so pretentious, I almost wanted to hate it on principle, but it was absolutely incredible! I wish we had this in Melbourne!!



After fueling up, we decided to check out the other main offerings – Artists & Fleas. It’s a nice big market space within the market, where a few dozen makers and collectors showcase and sell their goods. Art, vintage, home wares, clothing, jewellery, it’s all there!



The market itself is beautiful, and you can easily spend half a day eating and shopping your way around it. It’s a great way to extend your High Line visit too, detouring off to visit the market, and then heading back up to walk the food off. Prioritise this place when you visit!


2 thoughts on “Chelsea Market shopping & eats (Beyond Sushi & Tuck Shop), New York, USA

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