Christmas Eve Eve. Theme: New Orleans

It’s no secret that husband and I fell ass-backwards in love with New Orleans in January; when we visited the shopping centers to get some new Christmas decorations back in November with the idea of having a theme instead of random crap everywhere, and found packs of baubles and beads in green, gold and purple, as well as sparkly mini Mardi Gras-style masks, it seemed like the universe was throwing us a bone. We stocked up, decked out the tree, and couldn’t have been happier with the result! The only thing missing is a sparkly gold flour de-lis tree topper, but by the time I thought of it, it was too late to order one… Maybe next year.


Once the tree was up, we had another Christmas tradition to discus – our Christmas Eve Eve dinner. Yeah, it’s a thing (for us, anyway). It all started when we first started dating 11 Christmases ago; between Christmas Eve dinner with my family, a quick Christmas morning visit to his parents’ place, Christmas lunch with my family and back with his family for Christmas dinner, we didn’t actually have any time for just US. So we made Christmas Eve Eve our thing, and it just kinda kept going…

All it is is that we have dinner together that night, no matter what. Some years has been as simple as a Nandos chicken wrap or bowl of pasta; other years have been nice restaurants and fancy home cooking. This year we thought it’d be fun to keep in theme and go New Orleans style 🙂 it was also my turn for Breakfast Club, so I thought I’d incorporate that in as well, and made muffulettas for breaky. Not quite the Central Grocery stuff, but not bad…


I still had to work, so after breaky I got on yo that, but not before setting up the slow cooker for dinner. One of our favourite and most memorable meals in New Orleans was the BBQ we had at The Joint, particularly the pulled pork with slaw and mac & cheese. So dinner was pulled pork, mac & cheese pots and slaw.



And don’t forget the beignets for dessert, albeit half a pound lighter on the powdered sugar than Cafe du Monde 😉


Our only other Christmas tradition now is to take Marley for a walk to the park so he can play for a while, then come back and have home made scones with jam for breakfast.. After that, we’re at the mercy of our families! How about everyone else – what holiday traditions does everyone have?! I love hearing about these things!

10 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Eve. Theme: New Orleans

  1. Sounds lovely J! We do a champagne breakfast with my family followed by lunch with my partners’ family. I love the idea of a Xmas Eve Eve dinner! We spend the whole day driving around so it’d be great to have some quality time.

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