My (meaningful) New Year’s Resolutions for 2016

Happy New Year amazing people 🙂 While I don’t actually really celebrate the night in a big way anymore, I am a big one for fresh starts and planning to succeed. I’m also sick and f-ing tired of making the same idiotic resolution every year to “finally lose weight and be skinny.” Because that absurd sentence has robbed me of so much time and happiness and sanity over the years, it’s embarrassing. So, this year, I’m making a very strong and conscious effort to remember who I was before the world told me who I should be, and making some more realistic and meaningful resolutions.


I miss the girl I used to be. I never gave a shit what anyone else thought of me. I wasn’t religious, but I was very spiritual, and that gave me great comfort when I was practicing regularly with candles and crystals and oils and what not. Things that used to make me feel good on bad days were going for a walk with my camera and photographing random things on the way, and collating those photos in little notebooks. Braiding my hair and painting my nails made me feel prettier on my ugly days. Cooking and eating weren’t obsessions and sources of anxiety, they were enjoyable. I was so creative. I still am, but I stifle it a lot more now, because the world tells me that making money and working and doing the socially acceptable things are more important than following the passions that make your heart sing. I wore what made me feel good, even if the fashion disciples would have died laughing at me. I didn’t apologise for my introversion, and if I wanted to stay at home and read for 3 hours instead of going out for a big group dinner, that’s what I damn well did. I studied for fun, things that I enjoyed studying, like Egyptology and mythology.


That’s who I am, really. That’s who I was. That’s when I was a little happier. It was hard to realise that, actually. I think I’m done wasting time trying to be who the world wants me to be. I think I know that being happy means being me, unapologetically and unashamedly. It’ll be hard at first, changing this much while battling depression and anxiety and disordered eating. It’ll mean I’ll lose some “friends.” It’ll mean I’ll get frustrated. But without the dark, you can’t see the stars, and I think it’s finally my time to shine now.


This year, my resolutions are all centered around getting back to that girl. This year, I will:
• take 10 regional Victorian road trips
• take 2 solo writing/yoga retreats
• meet 8 new bloggers in the attempt to find my tribe
• visit 10 different markets in Melbourne
• read at least 30 new books
• move my body for 30 minutes each day
• move back towards daily yoga practice and meditation, knowing that it will help my depression and anxiety
• take a course to learn something new, just because I want to, not because I “need” it for a career or job
• make more of an effort to dress up every day, braid my hair more and paint my nails, because looking lovely makes you feel better
• minimalise materialism & clutter
• live more by the moon cycles (thank you for the suggestion Vanessa!)
• cook a new recipe each week from one of the dozens of cook books on my shelf
• spend more time in my book nook
• finish that little (big) project I’ve been working on all of 2015 (you’ll find out more soon, don’t worry – I’m gonna need your help with it!)
• find new ways to channel my creativity


I hope everyone else has some time over the weekend to give themselves some realistic goals for the year ahead, goals that don’t involve changing yourselves to fit in with society’s bullshit expectations, but goals that bring you back to who you truly are at your core. Because there’s only one of you, and if you’re the best version of that possible, how could you be anything but happy, successful and totally at peace?

Happy New Year, friends 🙂 xoxo

16 thoughts on “My (meaningful) New Year’s Resolutions for 2016

    • I’m sorry you’re feeling that way too 😦 but I guess it’s probably better to recognise it than not to! I’m sure you’ll find your way back again 🙂 happy new year!

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  2. Happy New Years Jess! Lovely read. Your meaningful resolutions were fantastic and motivational… I think I may add “finding my tribe” to my list as well 😉

    • Happy new year to you, Meaghan! Thank you so much, that’s so lovely to hear 🙂 and good luck finding your tribe! I think the blogging world is actually a great place to start!

  3. Happy New Year Jess! Don’t forget to make the time for the things you love aka pissing off somewhere and travelling and stuffing ourselves 😉 Regarding meeting the new bloggers, would you like to come with me to a burger launch in the CBD?

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  5. I love your list of resolutions to becoming that happy girl again. I think most of us do “lose our way” because that’s pretty natural and normal when we’re in the world…however it’s great to be able to acknowledge that we aren’t as happy anymore and to get back to who we truly are deep inside. I like the idea of cooking a new recipe every week, what a fab idea – I am going to try to do this as well, maybe not every week, but every now and then, attempt to try a new recipe and be adventurous in the kitchen.

    • Thank you so much 🙂 I know a weekly recipe is a lofty goal, but i do love to cook! I hope you enjoy giving some new recipes a go, too – looking forward to hearing about how the kitchen adventures go! xo

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