Read this: Simplicious by Sarah Wilson

by Sarah Wilson


Do you remember that whole “I Quit Sugar” thing that was going on a few years ago? Sarah Wilson was the lady behind that. I’m a massive sweet tooth and don’t think I could ever actually give up sugar, so I didn’t bother with that, but after seeing her new book pop up on several Instagram accounts I follow and seeing it at KMart for a very reasonable price, I decided to check it out.

This is my kind of cookbook. It’s pretty simple and straightforward, plenty of info, beautiful pictures, nice and colourful. But it’s also realistic and helpful, which is something that cookbooks absolutely must be in order to justify spending money on them, particularly when Google brings recipes for almost anything to your fingertips within a few seconds.

Sarah’s book focuses in a big way on sustainability and doing it yourself. She starts off with her 5 step Simplicious Flow:
1. Start where you are with what you have
2. Buy in bulk when it’s advantageous
3. Sort & store
4. Park-cook, freeze & preserve
5. Use the leftovers
She also has a big focus on using food for health, which is so important these days, where so many health problems can be helped and managed with something as simple as the right diet.


Recipes are all about making the most of your ingredients and doing as much as possible from scratch, but in the easiest possible way. Things like homemade stock, condiments, kombucha and fermented veggies are all broken down into less confusing and confronting steps, which makes this a great way to dip your toes in and start experimenting. It’s also designed to be incredible cost efficient, so if things stuff up the first time, you won’t have spend a fortune on it, which is a massive pet hate on mine.


It’s also really great to see how many of the recipes fit together, and how creative you can get with your leftovers – for example, she has a great looking recipe for pulled lamb, but how often are you going to need 2kg of lamb in one hit? Doesn’t matter here, because she runs you through another few recipes you can use it in, and how to keep it all properly. Too easy.

I actually cooked a Simplicious fish pilaf for dinner last night which turned out to be pretty damn good, so I’ll share that recipe tomorrow as a bit of a taster for anyone interested in how the recipes actually work in real life, so stay tuned 🙂 And if you want to get stuck into it yourself, grab a copy here!


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