From my travel journal: Saigon, 2014

After my catch up on the weekend and talking to my friend about how we’d both really like Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City, I went home and looked at some of my photos and re-read part of the travel journal I kept when I was in Vietnam with my sister in 2014. I’m really looking forward to heading back over later this year, and thought I’d have a bit of a blog throwback moment today, with one of the random street photos I took and a few lines from my diary…


“I get the overwhelming feeling that Saigon is still shy, trying to protect itself, somehow. We’ve been the only Western women out on the streets, walking around… No one speaks English, really. It’s nothing like Bangkok, which I ignorantly assumed it would be a little like, God only knows why.”

2 thoughts on “From my travel journal: Saigon, 2014

  1. We loved Saigon so much and almost decided to extend our week to a month. In the end I’m glad we didn’t, because we would have missed out on other places, but I do hope to return one day. The little alley ways everywhere fascinated me – I have so many photos of narrow little spaces, buildings almost touching, motorbikes parked inside front doors…such an interesting place.

    • Oh wow.. Yeah, I can see how that would have been tempting! I loved all the little alleyways too – I felt like Alice peeking through the looking glass at each one! I hope you get to head back soon so you can spend a bit more time exploring 🙂

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