Tea time: Juno & May, Melbourne – in lieu of a Valentine’s Day post, because I’m not into it

Juno & May
662 Burke Rd, Camberwell

I’m always surprised when people ask what I got up to for Valentine’s Day and if I got “spoilt.” I’m not a Valentine’s Day kinda girl. After almost 12 years, I’m still completely in love with the man I’m lucky enough to have, and I know he loves me. But we’re not the mushy, over-the-top, lovey dovey, honey-darling-sweetpea types. You’ll never hear us talking to each other like we’re in a bad soap opera (and hey, to each their own, I have no problem with people who do – it’s just not for us!) or pashing in the middle of the supermarket or writing poems to each other. You’re a lot more likely to see our love played out with one of us doing something demented like tripping over an uneven sidewalk, the other saying “you’re a dick… but you’re my dick, so I love you anyway,” and both of us laughing hysterically like teenagers. Or trying to push each other into a pile of dog poo on the side walk (it started off one day with him shoving me out of the way to avoid a pile of poo; it’s now warped into a child-like game of trying to catch each other off guard. Because we still often act like children…).

We also spend a lot of time together, because frankly, we are each others’ best friends. We spend plenty of time apart, as well, but we always make an effort to have at least one day on the weekends for just us. That’s why V-Day isn’t a big deal for us; we don’t wait until Feb 14th to go out for a nice lunch and a glass of wine and put our phones away and just talk, we do that sort of thing almost every weekend anyway! And we don’t do presents either; instead, it’s an all year round effort, because (I know how lame this sounds, don’t worry), we actually love each other all year round. I hate coffee, but am more than happy to make one for him in the mornings when he’s struggling to wake up and I know it’s gonna be a long day for him. In turn, he always puts the kettle on for me in the morning for my pre-work cuppa, and when he knows I’ve had a long day at work, I’ll often walk through the door to a pot of tea and a biscuit sitting on the kitchen table waiting for me. It’s those little things that are bigger gestures than any piece of jewellery or bunch of flowers, to me.

So anyway, Valentine’s Day this year. I love trawling through markets on sunny weekends, so he thoughtfully suggested a walk around Camberwell Market (one of my favourites in Melbourne) before lunch, which I couldn’t have been happier about! But first, sustenance. We skipped breaky so we could enjoy a nice lunch, but thought we’d grab some tea and coffee and maybe a little pastry before we got to the market; enter Juno & May.

Up on Bourke St, a few minutes walk from the market, this place is ready to caffeinate and fuel you for the day. They do breakfast and lunch (menus looked amazing!), but we were just there for a quick pit stop. Husband’s coffee was pretty as a picture, and pretty good too. My tea was hot and strong, just the way I like it. And the almond croissant was phenomenal – golden and crisp, no burnt bits, heaps of almonds on top, and absolutely huge. While I can imagine it’d get pretty busy later in the day, it was a beautiful spot to start Sunday morning off in; sitting at the bench in the window with plenty of sunlight made for great people watching and a perfect little perch to talk plans for our upcoming travels and our home and our goals and our lives.

A pot of tea and a few hours market trawling = perfect Sunday morning combination! Also, massive points to the husband for carrying this very heavy, very beautiful vintage tea pot I scored early in the trip. He, this big, strong, tattooed man, carried it around the market all morning so I’d have free hands to hunt for more bargains, and that’s the sort of stuff he does that makes me love him more every day  : )


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