Eat here: D.O.C. Pizza & Mozzarella Bar, Melbourne (Italian) – V.2

D.O.C. Pizza & Mozzarella Bar
295 Drummond St, Carlton

Following on from Friday’s not-a-Valentine’s-Day post, I thought I’d keep going with lunch. While we often go out for lunch or dinner on weekends, it’s usually pretty simple and inexpensive stuff; a bowl of noodles from a local Vietnamese place or a burger off the back of a truck, or maybe a nice little breakfast or brunch.

We don’t really spend money on extravagances – I couldn’t tell you the last time I bought full price clothing, let alone designer stuff, I paint my own nails instead of getting a $40 manicure every week, I work out at home instead of paying for a gym membership, and I’ve happily had the same car since my 21st birthday. We’ve learnt recently that we put a lot more value on experiences rather than material stuff, and we’ve been a lot happier since we started really prioritising that. And with all that saved money going straight into our travel fund, every now and then, we don’t feel too bad about treating ourselves. Last Sunday (and yes, it was Valentine’s Day!), we decided to treat ourselves.

After a lovely morning tea and coffee stop at Juno & May, followed by a good trawl through Camberwell Market, we  made our way into Carlton. I always like to drop into the Reading’s book shop when I visit Lygon Street, so we stopped by there and picked up another few travel books. When I blogged about our first visit to D.O.C, I mentioned that I had some crazy travel ideas floating about in my head. Like the fact that I’d already plotted out the next few years worth of travel in my head. The thing to know about me is that while I’m not at all a competitive person, I am incredibly stubborn and head strong. If I decide I want to make something happen, it’s happening. Like the Egypt/Europe trip. And the 6 week USAdventure. A logical, reasonable person might have thought hey were impossible tasks; challenge accepted. The next big trip is going to make those two look like cake walks. We have a few smaller trips between now and then, but, as per our last discussion at D.O.C., this next big one is going to involve a good chunk of time in Italy, a hire car, and some little towns that I visited many years ago and want to go back to. Towns like Asolo. Bassano del Grappa. San Gimignano. Lucca. Vinci. Cittadella. Oh my God. I CANNOT WAIT! So, with our travel books and dreams in hand, we enjoyed another amazing D.O.C. lunch while taking another step in turning this next “dream” into reality.

Lunch was amazing, though, as expected. First up was the mixed antipasto platter, with all of my favourites, including bresaola, artichoke, rockmelon with prosciutto (if you’re not Italian, this is going to sound weird, but I promise it works), grilled fix stuffed with gorgonzola, … all of the good stuff! It was a perfect starter to share, and deceptively filling.

When it came to picking a pizza, it was the San Daniele, again. Because it’s the perfect pizza for us. The perfect pizza dough topped with sweet San Marzano tomatoes, melt-in-your-mouth San Daniele prosciutto and those incredible chunks of mozzarella, drizzled with oil… Can’t get better than that! We also thought we’d throw in a salad (not realising how big or filling the antipasto board would be) and went with the pesto smothered baby spinach with pine nuts, bocconcini and cherry tomatoes. Perfect match with the pizza.

It’s places like this that combine friendly service and the absolute best produce in a simple way that make me so proud to be Italian  : )  I’m also really thankful to have found someone who loves and appreciates my heritage, too. It’s something that’s a big part of me, and I really feel honoured to be able to share it with my husband in ways as small as sharing a meal like this, and in ways as big as being able to travel with him to the beautiful country where so much of my family still live. If you’re looking for a little taste of Italy this week, it’s probably time to visit D.O.C… And if you can recommend any other places that do “your” food particularly well, please share!

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