Read this: The Holiday Goddess – handbag guide to Paris, London, New York & Rome

The Holiday Goddess: handbag guide to Paris, London, New York & Rome
edited by Jessica Adams


I was given this book as a gift a few years ago, and had a good read through it while planning our 2013 EuroTrip; a lot of the pages still have folds in them from when I bookmarked them. Given the next mega trip we’re planning to take will encompass all four of these cities, I’ve taken it out again to re-read and re-bookmark.

Part travel guide, part girly glamour guide, it’s a beautifully curated collection of travel tips and places to see and things to do, geared more towards the ladies. It’s not a super new book, so it does run the risk of becoming a little obsolete as a travel guide as places close their doors, but it covers a lot of classics and city stalwarts that aren’t going anywhere soon, like New York City’s Guggenheim. Because there are a range of contributors, you’ll get to read a whole lot of different takes and stories about their individual travel experiences; also super handy are the little extra bits of practical info like the website and how to get there.


The shoppers will love all of the beautiful places suggested to max out the credit card at, but I like the less designer, more down-to-earth stuff, like the cheap picnic page below for Rome. I also love all of the market and park suggestions; the places you can go to experience the city as it should be experienced, amongst the locals.


And even if you’re not travelling to any of these cities any time soon, it’s actually a really gorgeous coffee table book, and makes an awesome gift for that girlfriend with wondering feet  : )   Pick up a copy here and enjoy planning your trip to some of the most beautiful and cosmopolitan cities of the world!


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