2016 travels // trip one: Tasmania

For a “quiet” travel year in 2016 (in preparation for a monster year in 2017), we’ve suddenly found ourselves with three trips lined up… oops!


I’ll be logging off from work in a few hours and flying over to Hobart with the husband for a much needed week-long break from life  : )   I’ve only visited Tasmania once, and that was for a family wedding, so we didn’t see too much, but have been wanting to go back and see it properly ever since. I’m really looking forward to some quiet time and time to ourselves and exploring and seeing some beautiful new places!

No doubt I’ll be blogging all about it when I get back, but in the meantime, feel free to follow along on my Instagram account 🙂 Happy Easter everyone, and safe travels to anyone else who’s getting away from it all over the break!

7 thoughts on “2016 travels // trip one: Tasmania

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