Eat here: Long Story Short, Melbourne (brunch/café)

Long Story Short Cafe
10/53 Coppin St, Richmond

Yay Tuesday! I’m actually well enough to work today! This is so exciting! If you’re wondering why this could possible be so exciting, refer back to Friday’s post. And today’s post links back to point #6; I thought I’d be right to go out for breaky last weekend, and it turns out I wasn’t. I have no regrets, though, because I’d been busting to try out Long Story Short ever since I saw their food and matcha lattes on my Instagram feed a few weeks ago. I convinced husband I was well enough for a quick breaky on the proviso that we’d go straight home afterwards, so off we went…

Another gorgeous cafe with a beautiful fit out, fancy light bulbs and flowers in jars, it looks pretty stock-standard hipster on first glance. But take a look at the menu and you’ll see some pretty different things to your usual eggs and bircher options going on. Pistachio crumbed fish tacos and purple potato salad, liquorice salt & fetta duck scrambled eggs and buttermilk Tim Tam pancakes; there are some pretty creative dishes on there. But before breakfast, coffee for husband and almond milk matcha latte for me. Happy, happy girl; it was delicious, and exactly what I felt like!

Husband felt he wasn’t quite hipster enough to appreciate the menu, and went with the one option he believed was made available to blokes like him accompanying their ladies to breaky: the wagyu steak sandwich with lettuce, cheddar cheese, chimichurri, tomato chilli chutney and horseradish mayo ($21.50) with a side of kipfler potatoes ($4.00).

Served up open style so you could check it out before digging in, the steak was perfectly cooked, and there was plenty of it. Great man food. Although messy with the sauces, he very much enjoyed it, but felt that the potatoes weren’t quite up to the sandwich’s standard. It was also quite a pricey breakfast compared to some of the other options.

As for me, I knew what I wanted as soon as I saw it on Instagram – hello coconut sago pudding with a layer of virgin pina colada, rice crisps and macadamias ($11.00)!

Only a few days post-wisdom tooth removal, I needed mushy food, but I wanted something delicious. God help me, this was magnificent! Creamy coconut sago, a heavenly, tangy pina colada layer, and the rice crisps and macadamia chunks were the exact crunchy bits it needed. I absolutely loved this little pot of goodness, and would struggle to try another option on the next visit knowing this is there…

While we had mixed opinions on the food/pricing, the coffee and matcha latte were both fantastic, the service was friendly and efficient, and the setting was really homely and comfortable. I’d definitely visit again, because there were a few other breakfasts I’d love to try, like the kiwi & coconut muesli, and the Tim Tam pancakes (obviously!)

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