Eat here: Roxy Kebab & Café, Melbourne (Turkish)

Roxy Kebab & Café
26 The Link, Mill Park

It’s Monday, guys. You’re already thinking about how tired you’re gonna be in a few hours. You already can’t be bothered cooking dinner tonight, can you? If you’re lucky enough to live in Northern suburbia like me, that’s ok. You can get dinner organised for you by someone else’s family instead.

Before I start, full disclosure – I only know about this place because my husband knows the family that runs it, but that most certainly hasn’t influenced my thoughts about it (if I didn’t like it, I’d have just not written about it!). If you didn’t know about it and weren’t looking for it, you’d unfortunately be very unlikely to come across it by chance – it’s tucked away behind a big obnoxious Maccas in an otherwise pretty uneventful suburb.

But it’s worth visiting, because this is properly amazing Turkish food. The menu is enormous, and it’s really hard to make decisions, because it all looks so damn good, and the smells coming from behind the counter, where the big slabs of meat are slowly turning, are something else. After much deliberation, and having tried some of the other menu items before, husband and I decided that we wanted meat and lots of it, so we each ordered a small platter ($15.00) that comes with either lamb, chicken, or a mix of both, salad, and your choice of 2 dips.

I went with the lamb + eggplant dip + spinach dip, husband went with the mixed meats + hummus + spicy chilli dip. Hello, meat coma. It’s everything you want from an enormous pile of meat – it’s soft and juicy and tender and perfectly seasoned. And the dips were magic – creamy and smooth, the eggplant dip especially was probably the best I’ve ever had.

Then, because our eyes are bigger than our stomachs, we thought we might also need a spinach and cheese pide ($10.00). We didn’t need it at all – we barely got through the first round of food, but it was the kind of thing you make space for, anyway. Perfect dough, lots of gooey, melty cheese, it’s comfort food.

We were also kindly given dessert to take home with us free of charge; some lady fingers and a birds nest, because those are a few of my favourite things, and they make em good. Drenched in syrup and full of sugary flavour, if you’re going to indulge, you may as well finish the meal off properly with one of these! If you’re a coffee person, they also do that, too, with a cafe set up within the store to compliment the food.

This is one of those places that I could have so easily missed out on without word of mouth, and that would have been heartbreaking. The constant stream of people of all ages and ethnicity, families and groups of friends, take away with the kids and eat in with the husband, was pretty indicative of just how good the food (and service) is there. And that good food doesn’t necessarily need huge marketing campaigns, just good word of mouth!

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