Eat here: Cheerio Cafe, Melbourne (café/brunch)

Cheerio Cafe
323 Lennox St, Richmond

Long weekends are great opportunities to squeeze in extra brunch dates, and this long weekend, brunch we did. Sunday saw husband and I pass through Richmond on our way to a movie at the Jam Factory, and we decided to stop at Cheerio for a late breakfast after seeing it’s very high ratings on Zomato.

A pretty standard cute-little-hole-in-the-wall type cafe, it was actually really well set out considering how small it was inside. A little coffee machine/dessert cabinet island dominated the middle of the room, and with the heater going on a cold Melbourne winter morning, it felt like home. Even more so with the tea and coffee we ordered promptly brought out to our table.

Unfortunately, that’s where the familial hospitality stopped; with room for maybe 20 people tops and 4 staff floating around, it still took half an hour for someone to take our order. I know, Sunday morning on a long weekend, I’m sure they had lots to catch up on and chat about, but we weren’t the only ones kept waiting – it wasn’t hard to overhear the frustration coming from other tables. We finally gave up and hailed a  sulky waitress down to take our order, and settled in for another 15 minute wait for our food.

Pity it was such a crappy start, because the menu read so well. Husband was pretty excited to see a more than decent toastie menu on offer, and went with the pastrami reuben toastie with pickles, provolone, red onion, rocket and housemade reuben dressing ($10.00). Excellent value for money; for $10, it was stacked high and full, and very delicious. Husband’s only complaint was that there was way too much red onion, but otherwise a great toastie.

I loved the sound of the coconut, quinoa and rice porridge with roast quince and toasted coconut ($12.00), and that, too, delivered. Warm, thick and richly coconutty, with heaps of chunks of quince and lots of toasted coconut. It was a nice, big bowl, the perfect winter’s morning breaky; even husband, who hates porridge, loved it.

It’s a real shame that the service was so slow (waiting almost an hour for porridge and a toasted sandwich when there were only 6 other tables of people there was really disappointing) and kinda rude, because the food was fantastic!


Cheerio Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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