Eat & shop here: Carousel Bakery / St Lawrence Market, Toronto + re-creating THE sandwich at home!

Working on this cookbook has been so fun, in large part because of how much time I’ve been able to spend re-visiting all of my favourite parts of my travels 🙂


As you can see above, last week’s Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club brought us back to Toronto and the infamous Carousel Bakery bacon peameal sandwich, which will most definitely be in the cookbook because it’s just magic (as anyone who’s eaten it there will attest), so I thought this morning I’d re-visit the bakery and market it lives in!


Carousel Bakery
at St Lawrence Market, 93 Front Street E, Toronto


First up, Carousel Bakery, because when we went to visit the market, this was our first stop! As you can see by the crowd above, it’s kinda popular, and for good reason…


Seriously. Look at all that bacon. WOW. And not only do they absolutely PILE it on, it’s damn good quality stuff, too! When we first heard about this famous bacon sandwich, we thought “it’s just a bacon sandwich – how good could it possible be?”

Un-freakin-believable. Nothing I say will do it justice, so you need to just go and try it yourself. And in the mean time, I’m going to stick to my cheat’s version at home, because that’s as close as I can get from here in Melbourne!!



As for the market itself, husband and I both agreed that it was comfortably one of the best food markets we’d ever been to. There was so much variety in what you could buy, both to eat there and to take home with you…


And judging by the amount of locals actually doing their grocery shopping there, I’m guessing it’s not just a tourist thing; it was packed! There are also non-food stalls down on the lower level, which were great to trawl through.


It was one of my favourite markets of the ones I’ve visited; it just felt fun being in there! Very happy, relaxed vibe, not in the slightest bit uppity or pretentious, and you could tell the people in there just really loved their food  : )  That’s the kind of place I want to be spending time in when I’m travelling!


4 thoughts on “Eat & shop here: Carousel Bakery / St Lawrence Market, Toronto + re-creating THE sandwich at home!

  1. Oh my God! Jess, we visit St Lawrence almost every Saturday in the summer! It really is a foodie’s paradise…I yearn for their fresh baked almond & chocolate croissants on weekend mornings:)
    I saw your picture on Instagram & immediately headed over to your blog to read about it…we were there yesterday & this is a nice coincidence …would love to read more of your Toronto food explorations!

    • Ohh what I wouldn’t give for a fresh almond croissant this morning!! You’re so so lucky to be so close to St Lawrence, it’s such an amazing market!
      It’s funny, we were just saying a few days ago that we probably ate better in Toronto than anywhere else we visited on that trip! The food there is amazing, as I’m sure you know! 🙂

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