From my travel journal: Toronto 2015


“I quite enjoyed the walk in the cold and the snow, to be honest… I love the cold, I love winter, I love the feeling of defrosting over hot tea and feeling your face tingle in the fresh air.”

10 thoughts on “From my travel journal: Toronto 2015

  1. Beautifully written Jess! Beautiful picture too…the snow laden trees are like a winter wonderland!
    Back in NY I wasn’t a fan of winter, constantly ranting about the low temperatures….but once we arrived in Toronto, ironically I’ve begun loving the snow, the barren trees & the heavy coats & mufflers too!

  2. Jess it’s such an eloquent reflection on winter. I’m afraid as a long time Canadian who detests the routine of snow shoveling for some half the year I’m nt quite so enthralled with the season. You have given me a positive vision to catch hold of.

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