2016 travels // trip three: Vietnam


Here we go again!!


So far in 2016, we’ve had…
trip one: Tasmania in March
– trip two: a quick few days on the Gold Coast with family in May
– trip three: we’re off to Vietnam tonight!



I had such an amazing time with my sister when we went there two years ago, and I haven’t stopped talking or thinking about it since. Husband decided he wanted in, too, so last year on my birthday, we booked some flights. What better birthday present to give yourself than another adventure?!

Much like my sister, I felt a pretty strong connection with Vietnam from the moment we touched down, which I can’t really explain. The crowds of people didn’t make me as anxious as I’d usually get; I actually felt completely at easy melting in with the masses. I had time to stop and notice the little things – things like families sitting on low plastic stools in an alleyway slurping their noodles and baskets full of fresh green herbs on tables by the side of the road. It was a busy place, but it was so easy to slow down in.


I’m so excited to get back to this incredible country; the blog will be a bit quiet over the next few weeks, but if you’d like to come along with us, you can follow the adventure on Instagram at @the.life.of.j – see you over there!

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