Eat. Travel. Blog. The 2016 highlights reel.

And here we are again, the end of another year. It’s funny how at this point, a lot of people tend to go down the path of “it’s been a shit year, I’m so ready to leave it behind and start again!” But the irony is that we can start again any time we please, be it the 1st of January or the 18th of August or any other day we choose.

It’s also a sad human trait that we seem to remember our hurts and pains so much more easily than the good times; I’m as guilty of that as anyone else. But I’m trying really hard not to be this time around. Yes, some crappy stuff happened this year. But some pretty amazing stuff happened, too.


We went to Vietnam.
And started booking out trip around the world.
Added to my ever expanding tattoo collection.
Took at art class.
Took (and passed) a course on the history of medieval magic with the University of Barcelona.
Started drawing again.
Started water colouring.
Made a few hand-stitched, leather bound journals.
Started learning to paint my nails.
Completed and self-published my cookbook.
Took a mini road trip through Tasmania.
Went glamping.
Visited a ton of markets.
Brunched with my best friends.
Drank all of the tea.
Read many of the books.


And once again, I got to write, here. And that’s pretty awesome 🙂
I thought I’d do a little recap again, like last year, and take a look back at my little blog’s 2016 highlights…

Most viewed Melbourne eats this year were:
1. Gellibrand Cafe, Melbourne (brunch/café)
2. Kitty Burns, Melbourne (brunch)
3. Mr Wednesday, Melbourne (brunch)
4. Ruby’s, Melbourne (café)
5. Sir Charles, Melbourne (café/brunch)



My favourite new eats in Melbourne this year, in no particular order:
1. Kitty Burns (cafe/brunch)
2. Le Café Flo (French café)
3. The Old Milk Bar Café (brunch)
4. Umberto’s Espresso Bar (Italian)
5. Green Park Dining (all day)



And my Melbourne favourites that continue to have my love over the years:
1. Sookie La La (diner/café)
2. 1090 (burgers)
3. Lievità (pizza)
4. The Vertue of the Coffee Drink (brunch) V.2
5. Sir Charles (café/brunch)



This year’s most popular international eats posts:
1. Eat & shop here: Ameyoko Market, Tokyo, Japan
2. Eat here: Shinjuku Asia-yokochō (rooftop street food market), Tokyo, Japan
3. Eat here: Suzume no Oyado, Tokyo, Japan (okonomiyaki)
4. Eat here: Bale Well, Hoi An, Vietnam
5. One of the best meals of my life: late night street food in Bangkok


Like last year, recipes not so popular, but most viewed were:
1. Pork, macadamia, cranberry & sage sausage rolls (again!)
2. White chocolate, raspberry & pistachio brownies
3. Cacao nib & oat cookies (sugar, lactose & gluten free)
4. Manchego & chorizo quiche
5. T2 lamington tea porridge


And the recipes I most enjoyed eating and cooking were:
1. Brown sugar shortbread 
2. Nussecken (German nut biscuits)
3. Roast sweet potato, date & olive salad
4. Cacao, puffed quinoa & pistachio granola
5. Orange, cranberry & rosemary cake



Your favourite travel related posts?
1. Eat & shop here: Ameyoko Market, Tokyo, Japan
2. Shop here: Kiddy Land & Character Street, Tokyo, Japan
3. Ben Thanh Night Market, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
4. Morning Glory Cooking Class, Hoi An, Vietnam
5. TBT: Crawling through the Cu Chi Tunnels in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam



I love writing, and would do it even if I were the only one reading. But it looks like there are quite a few of you out there who’ve been reading along, too, and I can’t thank you enough for that 🙂 Thank you for making me smile with every “like” and comment, for your kind words, and those of you who also blog, thank you for your posts, too 🙂


Here’s to another big year!

4 thoughts on “Eat. Travel. Blog. The 2016 highlights reel.

  1. It’s always a pleasure to read your posts 🙂 Couldn’t agree more about new beginnings, it’s not the date that matters, but your mental readiness. If you’re not ready to commit to something on Sunday, Monday won’t be any better. Happy New Year to you and I look forward to your adventures in 2017! 🙂

  2. I’ve become so slow with comments in the last few months Jess as life got so busy but I’ve loved reading your posts this year and what a wonderful time you’ve had! I’m so cross that I didn’t suss out the rooftop street market in Tokyo especially since I was staying in Shinjuku! But I loved seeing character street too & also took a cooking class in Hoi An. It wasn’t at morning glory although I went there for dinner and loved it! You’re also tempting me silly with some of those recipes – love sweet potatoes and dates so that salad is right up my street as are those granola bars! Happy New Year!

    • Thank you SO much for taking the time to write! Its amazing how crazy things get come November & December, isn’t it?! I’m so glad you enjoyed character street – it’s so fun!! And if you do get into the kitchen, let me know how it goes! Happy new year 🙂 xo

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