Jackson Square, New Orleans

So, I was throwing it back to January 2015 in New Orleans yesterday on Instagram, and it got me thinking; I should have written a little something about Jackson Square by now! I’ll be back there in about 2 months (holy hell that’s coming up fast!), so no time like the present to reminisce a little…


It felt, at least to me, the French Quarter’s heart (no, not Bourbon Street). Jackson Square had something going on, whatever day or time we went by, so it obviously wasn’t just us that kept magnetically being drawn back to it.

Being a proudly patriotic part of he country, it’s named after Major General Andrew Jackson, who led Team America to victory over Team Britain in 1815’s Battle of New Orleans; thanks to Jackson, America got to keep New Orleans and the other territories it acquired with the Louisiana Purchase.

Jackson was also a well known slave trader who furthermore led a genocidal movement against Native Americans…

When you see images of Jackson Square, you’ll usually see this one, of the man’s statue sitting in front of St Louis Cathedral. It’s been sitting there through every hurricane since 1856, and due to Mr Jackson’s aforementioned extra curricular activities, is now having to stand through protests, too.

Politics aside, it truly does make for a formidable sight when you first find yourself standing before it. And as beautiful as the cathedral and gardens are, that’s not all there is.

By day, check out the sweet little shops and buy some fleur de lis shaped souvenirs and some praline to nibble on. Browse the artists’ displays and maybe check in with a tarot card reader. And stop to listen to the music!

By night, the day-time art crowd has packed up. Grab some beignets at Cafe Du Monde and head back into the square to listen to the stray musician, and get that iconic night time shot of the cathedral.


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