From my travel journal: Las Vegas, 2014


“After the show, we caught a cab to Fremont Street – “old Vegas.” The Vegas of yesteryear, when neon lights were king ad tacky was the game. It felt like the days of old, walking through the now covered mini strip, with the old casinos and hotels, neon cowboy and showgirl signs overhead and under/half dressed women littering the walkways. It was an experience.

This morning, a chat with our shuttle bus driver enlightened us a little more – no one is “from” Vegas, minimum wage is tough, and 47% of high school seniors don’t graduate. Not promising stats.”

Through my eyes: Fremont Street (old Vegas)


Fremont Street. Old Vegas. The other Vegas Strip.

Located in downtown Vegas, Fremont Street was the original heart of Vegas back in the city’s heyday, home to the old-school big names like the Golden Nugget Casino and Four Queens. While the big action these days is over on the famous Las Vegas strip, it’s still more than worth the visit out to see where it all began; just grab a cab and ask them to bring you to Fremont Street! Don’t worry, the signature Vegas tackiness will still be there for you in spades, it just feels a lot more vintage and yesteryear-like!