Lafayette Cemetery No. 1, New Orleans

Lafayette Cemetery No. 1
Corner Washington Ave & Prytania St, New Orleans

After yesterday’s New Orleans read, I thought I’d stick with this favourite city of mine for another day, with another cemetery photo tour…

In stark comparison to the clean lines of the mostly shiny white marble of the St Louis Cemetery No. 3 and a little closer to the beautifully dilapidated St Louis Cemetery No. 1, Lafayette No. 1 was surrounded by the most beautiful trees (as one might expect for a cemetery located in the middle of the Garden District),  most of which had shed their leaves in the winter month we visited onto the tombs below, which gave me the feeling that the elements of nature were somehow protecting their residents…

This cemetery is not only the oldest of the seven city-operated cemeteries in the city, but it’s also a non-denominational and non-segregated resting place for not only natives, but also immigrants from 25-odd other countries – over 7, 000 souls in total entombed in the cemetery.



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Through my eyes: carousel at Montmartre, Paris, France

Mumma bear and I recently had dinner, and were reminiscing over memories of Europe… I was there in early 2013 with the husband, she went… ages ago, actually, with one of my sisters, for a few weeks. I loved spending time in America, and South East Asia is always completely fascinating to me, but I think Europe will always be my favourite place to visit.

This is one of my favourite ever photos, one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever captured (through my eyes it is, anyway)… a cold, drizzly day in Montmartre, and this gorgeous, bright aqua carousel top was like a beacon through the grey. It was pretty lonely looking, with the crowds being kept away by the rain, but it was like a beautiful kind of loneliness..