Melbourne’s north side food truck parks: The Food Truck Park Preston -VS- Welcome To Thornbury

These things are popping up like… actually I can’t think of a clean, PG rated, appropriate analogy here. Suffice to say that seven years after Roy Choi and his little Korean taco truck, Kogi, started the food truck craze half way around the world, it is still well and truly going strong in Melbourne, which has fast established it’s reputation as one of the great hipster meccas of the world. And with hipsters comes good food. Sometimes pretentious crap, sure, but for the most part it’s pretty bloody good.

Before the food truck/street food thing caught fire, it was the fancy restaurants that drew the foodie crowds. The Mamasitas and Chin Chins and Fondas, which charged big money for intricate, well thought out, delicious, albeit little dishes, and played off the 2 hour wait for a table as a badge of honour. Those days are just about over, though, with the crowds no longer wanting to wait ages for tiny, elegant dishes; the tide is really turning to the out-of-a-truck street food thing. And ironically (because we all know that the basis of the hipster movement is to do “ironic things ironically” – thank you Anthony Bourdain for the clarification), the lines for this stuff (formerly pleb food) are now epic, too! The great paradox, for me, is that a lot of these people (I’m now referring to the yuppies, not the hipsters) waiting in line for their $12 “Vietnamese sandwich” whilst necking their craft beer probably wouldn’t even think about touching a $1 banh mi made with sans rubber gloves and tongs, and served off the back of a motorbike on the streets of Hanoi… but, I digress.

All of my cynicism aside, with the often excessive amount of rules and restrictions put in place by the local councils (because let’s be honest guys; they’re more about making money than keeping us safe from food poisoning!), this is as close as we’re ever going to get to a “street food culture” in Melbourne, so I’ll take it! Also, the fresh, clean astro-turf and gorgeous, modern touches like the wooden benches and seats are a little nicer than sitting on a plastic crate in a dirty gutter next to rapidly passing traffic. And I absolutely love the idea of a food truck park – it’s so nice and convenient to have it all in the one place!

We’ve been living in the heart of the Northern suburbs for just on two years now (WHAT?! TWO YEARS ALREADY?!?! Wow…), and our timing couldn’t have been better because it is well and truly becoming Melbourne’s suburban food and culture centre. Case in point – one of the main streets within walking distance to our house boasts a Japanese convenience store, a few Indian restaurants, a Halal butcher, a Lebanese bakery, a new-style hipster cafe, an Italian deli, and a good old fashioned Aussie fish and chip shop. All within no more than a kilometre of each other. So when not one, but two food truck parks opened only 3.5km away from each other, and both within a stone’s throw of our place, we were a bit excited!


First up in the red corner, we’ve got:
The Food Truck Park
518 High St, Preston

Operated by: The Australian Mobile Food Vendors Group.
These guys are also the team behind the Coburg Drive-In Food Truck Festivals and the Richmond Food Truck Park, as well as numerous pop ups.

Opening hours:
Wednesday – Sunday
12:00 – 2:30pm lunch session
5:30 – 9:30pm dinner session

Great to visit at:
Dinner time – it’s beautifully lit up at night, and big enough that the crowds aren’t too big a problem if you get there not long after opening time.

Vibe: Relaxed, comfortable, like hanging out in a good mate’s backyard with people sitting on the floor when table space runs out, kids running around having a good time. Very chilled out and welcoming.

Food on offer:
Ever changing rotation which you can check on their Facebook page, but some of the trucks that have made an appearance over the last few weeks include:
– Dos Diablos
– Smokin’ Barry’s BBQ
– The Dude Food Man
– Happy Camper Pizza
– Greek Street Food
– The Brulee Cart
– Nuoc Mama
Billy Van Creamy & Manny’s Donut Café, who joined powers to help me create this monster when I visited on opening weekend (a fresh, warm donutella from Manny’s with some of Billy’s peanut butter gelato… and also some of their salted caramel gelato. Because ¿por qué no los dos?)

The Food Truck Park Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Billy Van Creamy Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Next up, in the blue corner:
Welcome To Thornbury
520 High St, Northcote

Operated by: Maleik Edwards and the team behind Melbourne favourites like Mr Burger, Homeslice and Fancy Hanks.

Opening hours:
Monday – Thursday from 5pm – 9pm
Friday – Sunday from 12pm – 10pm

Great to visit at:
Mid week dinner or a sunny weekend lunch session – but arrive right on opening time because this place gets PACKED! Unless you’re arriving mid afternoon and waiting it out until dinner time, chances of getting a seat for an evening feed are not great.

Vibe: The fancier, trendier sibling of Preston’s park – younger, well dressed crowd, table or nothing (floor sitting didn’t seem to acceptable), fewer children and the ones that were there were sitting quietly at the tables. All very shiny, new and modern, little details all well thought out and beautifully presented. More similar to the friend’s house that you feel obliged to take your shoes off before entering.

Food on offer:
Again, rotating roster available on their website, including
– Mr Burger (duh)
– Mamma Van
– Dos Diablos
– Dude Food Man
– White Guy Cooks Thai
– Greek Street Food
– Gorilla Grill
– Ghost Kitchen, who make THE MOST MAGNIFICENT popcorn chicken you’ve even had the pleasure of stuffing your face with:

Ghost Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

And don’t miss the area on your way in, where Doughboys are hidden away. Because if you miss out on their doughy magic (like the Peanut Buster), your visit was close to pointless.

Doughboys Doughnuts Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Welcome to Thornbury Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
So, who wins the food truck park war of the Northern suburbs? YOU DO! They’re both fantastic, both very different atmospheres, and both with a lot of the same trucks rotating through. They’re both going to be popular fixtures as Melbourne starts warming up with a group of mates and a few plates of delicious food to share – and now that we’re officially a month into spring and weather is starting to get it’s act together, that’s your weekend sorted, my friends!

On that note, I’ve got a crazy busy work day ahead, after which I’m gonna load my bags into the car, and enjoy a bit of a long weekend mini road trip with the guy I’m celebrating a 5 year wedding anniversary with this weekend 🙂 See you guys back in a few days (possibly for a post-Grand Final day food truck park chill out session)!

Eat here: favourites revisited – Rockwell & Sons, Nieuw Amsterdam and Shortstop Donuts, Melbourne

Wednesday afternoon – congratulations friends, we made it past half way this week already! And honestly, if you’d asked me on Monday night, I wasn’t even sure I’d get to Tuesday arvo! Remember back on Monday when I said it was gonna be a long, trying week? Well, yup…

Monday night saw me teaching my second class at Laneway Learning, which was scary, but I got through it! And hopefully I was able to help some fellow FODMAPpers enjoy their sweet treats while looking after their stomachs 🙂 Last night was an even tougher one – I realised last week that I was starting to go under again, so I pulled on my big girl pants, and made an appointment to see a new psychologist who specialises in eating disorders, because if I’m being honest with myself (if I’m feeling really ballsy, I might even try to write a bit about it), that’s something I really need help with. And it’ll be really nice to have someone on my side to help!

Not that I’m totally alone right now – I’m one of those lucky clichéd bitches who can honestly say they married their best friend. Over a decade together, and I can truly say that he has always been there. He’s seen me at my best, but also at my worst. He’s knows me better than my friends, my sisters, my parents, anyone. When he sees me struggling, he reminds me that more often than not, I’m actually strong enough to fight my own battles. But if I start to drown, he’s there, without hesitation, questions or judgement, to scoop me up and bring me back. It’s never been an option for him not to support me; I shudder to think of how things would have ended up for me without him.

But here we are, two best friends who love each other to bits, occasionally shit each other to tears, and wouldn’t want to spend a weekend in the sunshine eating good food with anyone else! As I wrote on Monday, Melbourne stepped up with a beautiful, sunny spring weekend – we kicked it off with pancakes in our backyard on Saturday morning, and visited a few favourite spots over the rest of the weekend for some backyard exploration and some amazing eats.


I haven’t written a heap about the disordered eating portion of my current shit storm, but basically I’m dealing with a bingeing/throwing up/restricting cycle. Over the weekend I wanted to just enjoy some down time with my husband and some good food sans guilt, so I challenged myself to eat at some of our favourite spots without overindulging, without bingeing, without feeling the need to throw up afterwards or restrict my food the next day. Mission mostly successful, food completely delicious, and still highly recommending these places upon second blog reviews! Here’s how the weekend played out on the plate…


Rockwell & Sons
288 Smith St, Collingwood

Original review: March 2014
Re-visits since:
Order this:
There’s really only one thing you can order here – the double patty smash burger ($12).

We tried adding bacon this time around, but it was actually pretty disappointing – super dry and cardboardy. This is one of the rare burgers that actually does not need bacon to improve it. It can’t be improved. Just order it as is, and enjoy the magic that is a truly perfectly smashed patty. Oh, and don’t forget the fries with the malt vinegar aioli… wow.

Rockwell and Sons Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Nieuw Amsterdam
106 – 112 Hardware St, Melbourne

Original review: June 2014
Re-visits sinc
e: three
Order this: the lunch menu is amazing at the moment. Get a Cubano sandwich ($12) piled up with pork, ham, swiss cheese, mustard and pickles on a perfectly soft and yet still somehow crunchy roll. And add chips for $3.00.

Also, seeing as they do BBQ particularly well, get yourself a meat tray – we went with a large serving of brisket ($13) + a small serving of ribs ($9) served with fries, slaw, pickle and a few slices of super perfect bread (+ $6).

Still a favourite place of mine. Also, try the cheeseburger – you won’t be disappointed!

Nieuw Amsterdam Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Shortstop Coffee & Donuts
12 Sutherland St, Melbourne

Original review: October 2014
Re-visits sinc
e: three
Order this: everything. Order everything. Just get all of the donuts. This particular visit entailed a whiskey maple bacon raised donut ($4.50), which we both agreed was the best, best donut either of us had ever had. And if you’re a regular around here, you know I eat a fair few donuts. Light. Fluffy. Soft. Perfect.

Also, a cake style peanut butter, caramel and chocolate donut ($4.50). Chocolate cake donut. Gooey salted PB caramel. Salted peanuts atop chocolate frosting. It was like a cakey Snickers, but better.

Yes, I know, $9.00 for two donuts! So extravagant! So much money for dessert! SO WORTH IT!!! And you just won’t get it until you try them, so just go and do it this week – take my word for it, you will not regret spending that donut money!

Shortstop Coffee & Donuts Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato




Now, how can you possibly have a bad weekend when you’re enjoying food like that in the sunshine with your best friend?!

Eat here: New Orleans classics – Felix’s Restaurant & Oyster Bar, French Market Restaurant & Bar, Cafe Du Monde and Angelo Brocato

Today’s jealousy and drool-inducing post is brought to you by two lovely ladies – Bec from My Bloggable Day, who has just been eating her way around New Orleans, and another beautiful friend who just touched down in NoLa this weekend. Chatting to the lovely Miss M last week before she left and seeing all their photos on Instagram led me to blasting my Trombone Shorty records this week and reminiscing about the deliciousness involved in the trip I took earlier this year, so I thought I’d end the week by sharing four of my favourite classic eats from the beautiful city  : )


Felix’s Restaurant & Oyster Bar
739 Iberville St, New Orleans

What to order:
The red beans and rice to start, because it was some of the best we had over there! Loved the addition of the little bits of spring onion tops!
Follow it up with the fried shrimp platter with fries, hush puppies and slaw. Because it’s deliciously deep fried and indulgent comfort food at it’s best! Those hush puppies… damn…

With the infamous Acme Oyster House just across the road, a lot of tourists mistakenly look at Felix’s as a second rate option only to be entered if they deem the wait for Acme too long. So wrong; while we’re not oyster people ourselves, they were flying out of the kitchen like no one’s business, and the friendly banter between staff and eaters indicated we were dining in the midst of plenty of locals, as opposed to the line across the road for Acme which screamed “tourists!” It’s simple but delicious food minus the pretentious attitude at a lot of the more tourist-heavy spots, great prices, and super friendly service; Felix’s felt so warm and homely, it was impossible not to love everything about it!

Felix's Restaurant & Oyster Bar on Urbanspoon


French Market Restaurant and Bar
1001 Decatur St, New Orleans

What to order?
The shrimp boil (would have gone the crawfish if they were in season) – completely incredible how they get so much flavour into those little guys!!

Also, again, red beans & rice. This fast became one of our favourite meals, because we’d never had anything like it before, and it was SO GOOD!!
They’ve been around 1803 and have built a solid reputation on their seafood offerings and Cajun classics. They offer pretty big servings of food and are ideally situated right across the road from the market; yes, it’s a bit of a pricey tourist trap, but it’s also popular for a reason!

French Market Restaurant & Bar on Urbanspoon


It wasn’t all gumbo and red beans & rice in New Orleans – my sweet tooth was also well and truly satisfied…


Café Du Monde
813 Decatur St, New Orleans

2015/01/img_6051.jpgThis place needs no introduction, nor should you need any instructions on what to order. They do beignets, and they do them exceptionally well, which is why they churn out around 10 billion a day. They’re also open 24 hours, which is something we well and truly took advantage of while we were in New Orleans. Our temporary home, the stunningly perfect Cornstalk Hotel, was within easy (maybe a little too much so) walking distance. They were the first thing we ate when we arrived into NoLa, and the last thing we ate late at night before our 4am pick up to head to the airport to leave the city. They’re pillowy, deep fried, doughy perfection with the most un-Godly amount of powdered sugar. You will wear it and you will do so as a badge of honour.

Café Du Monde on Urbanspoon


Angelo Brocato
214 N Carrollton Ave, New Orleans

What to order:
The cannoli. You know “leave the gun, take the cannoli”? That was because of cannoli like these.
2015/01/img_6205.jpgAngelo Brocato is a little gem treasured by the locals and not as known by the visitors. Much like the story goes in so many other parts of the world, my Italian countrymen made their way to New Orleans back in the early 1900s and established eateries from which to sell their delicious homemade food. This is another one of those stories, and the fact that they’re still around is testament to how good their food is. They do gelati and other Italian sweets extraordinarily well; I’m going to vouch personally for those cannoli you see in the photo above. I’m an Italian girl, I’ve grown up eating this stuff, and these are some of the best I’ve ever had, including the ones I’ve eaten IN Italy. Take time out from the French Quarter and the sight seeing, go to visit the Brocato family, get yourself a coffee and a cannoli, and be thankful for the enterprising Italians and their sugary delights.

Angelo Brocato Ice Cream & Confectionery on Urbanspoon

Eat here: Doughnut Vault, Chicago

Doughnut Vault
401 1/2 N Franklin St, Chicago

Friday! TGIF, so much this week, I can’t even tell you. Before I changed jobs last month, I’d often stop by Walker’s Doughnuts on Flinders Street on my way to the station to catch the train home for a little something to share with husband when I got home. I just figured we deserved a reward for making it through another week. I no longer catch the train home from Flinders St Station with the new job, but I am quite close to Shortstop now! Unfortunately, by the time I finish work, they’re either closed, or sold out if I finish early. So that doesn’t help. Anyway, I was thinking this week that I’m overdue for a good donut; then I got thinking about how good the donuts were in Chicago. The donut game in Chicago is VERY strong – exhibits A: Do-Rite Donuts, and B: Stan’s Donuts.

Doughnut Vault came highly recommended by a ton of food blogs I’d read in the lead up to USAdventure, and being the donut enthusiasts we are, husband and I quite happily layered up against the Chicago winter cold and trekked out. Fair warning; this place is tiny. It’s not even a café. It’s a hallway with a counter at the end. When it’s freakin cold out there in Chicago, don’t think you’re getting a respite from the cold, sitting in with a donut and hot coffee. No. You take the donuts and hot coffee and you sit outside and be cold with them.


I guess normal people would have been like “no chance, I’m out, looking for a café I can sit in, too damn cold out there!” We’re not normal. Clearly. Donuts were purchased, we found a spot under a fire escape stair thingy, sat on the close to frozen concrete, and had the most delightfully impromptu winter picnic those streets have probably ever seen! Stupid Aussies… whatever.

We went with the vanilla glazed raised donut, on the left, and an original buttermilk, on the right. The raised donut was everything you wanted; perfect balance between cake and donut, thick and light and fluffy all at the same time, and the glaze was sugary delicious. One of my favourite donuts over there!

The buttermilk old fashioned style was actually amazing! It was a thick, solid ring of dough; I know the texture of it isn’t for everyone, and we don’t really see donuts like this in Melbourne, but we both loved it. Yeah, it was super sweet, and you probably couldn’t stomach too many, but on that cold morning, it was perfect and more than worth facing the cold to get to! Believe the hype, the donuts coming out of this place are phenomenal!


Doughnut Vault on Urbanspoon

Eat here: The Vertue of the Coffee Drink, Melbourne (brunch).. and a visit to CJ Hendry’s 50 Foods In 50 Days

The Vertue of the Coffee Drink
8 Raffa Place Carlton, Melbourne


So, rumour had it this place could do a decent muffuletta, a sandwich particularly close to my heart; it was the first thing I ate in New Orleans, at Central Grocery. Theirs are reputed to be the biggest and best not only in New Orleans, but the entire universe. Never heard of them? You’re not alone; neither had I until I started researching this trip. You’re also going to hear a bit more about them tomorrow and see what their muffuletta looks like.. But first things first. The Vertue.

It’s tucked away behind a Shell petrol station around the corner of Lygon and Elgin streets, and it’s a gorgeous space; wooden floorboards, big open space with heaps of natural light, and gorgeous little touches like the little jars of flowers set on the tables and bench tops…


The next thing that stood out was the level of service; we were greeted as we rounded the corner off the street and into their little restaurant nook space. We were seated, handed menus, poured glasses of water, all with a real smile and a bit of a chat. I’ve said it before, but truly happy and genuine staff make the biggest difference in the highly competitive world of Melbourne’s cafes and restaurants. Top marks to the gentlemen who looked after us while we were there, you guys are awesome!

We went in assuming we’d just get a muffuletta each, but then we spotted the meatball sub on the menu and decided to get one of each and share them so we could try a bit of everything. The meatball sub ($18.00) was a little pile of delicious; pork meatballs in a brioche roll, with napoli sauce, jalapenos, provolone cheese and pancetta, with a side of golden onion rings, apple slaw and crispy sage leaves. Fantastic decision to get this one; the meatballs were perfectly cooked and had a great flavour, really well matched with the buttery brioche and the melted provolone. The onion rings were remarkable, and I loved the creamy slaw with the crispy sage leaves. Would more than happily go back for this again!


And then, the muffuletta ($16.00). Other than a few variations in the meat/cheese department and the bread (Central Grocery’s came on a round bun rather than rectangular, roughly the size of a car tire and sprinkled with sesame seeds instead of herbs; that said, I actually really enjoyed the herbed bread and thought it complimented to fillings particularly well), it was pretty good! Piled high with salami, smoked ham, capicola, provolone, gouda and olive salad, it was the filling, delicious sandwich that it should be. The only other big difference we noticed was that the olive salad was no where near as oily as the NoLa versions – you’ll see in the photo tomorrow how much the oil soaks through the bread at Central Grocery, which makes it a bit more of a “moist”/not as dry sandwich. Not saying one way is better than the other, they were both good, just different!

Yeah, it was a little different to the original, but as far as I know it’s also the only one in Melbourne, and a damn good sandwich. It took us right back to New Orleans, the little differences weren’t that big a deal because it still tasted right, and we both agreed we’d go back for more, especially when we feel a little nostalgic about our favourite city.

I wish I could say we were done, but we weren’t. With a few travel brochures and books we’d taken along to lunch, we decided to hunker down for a little longer, grab a coffee and tea, and start researching a new adventure. Also, the dessert window was calling to me. How could it not be?!


One of those incredibly lovely and very helpful staff I was talking about earlier saw me standing in front of the pastries looking a little unsure, and recommended his favourite – the salted caramel donut. Husband and I also love a good almost croissant, and these looked way too good to pass up, so we got one of those too. Great decision – the croissant was buttery and soft, amazing filling. And the donut. Well. That almost burnt salted caramel was the stuff sugar dreams are made of. This is why you should listen to the guys that work there – they know what’s worth spending your money and calories on!

IMG_8381I’ll be back for more, without a doubt; the food was absolutely on point, the prices were very reasonable for the quality and serving sizes, and the staff just made it. Get off the main drags in Carlton this week and hit up The Vertue of the Coffee Drink instead – even if it’s just for a coffee and a donut!

The Vertue of the Coffee Drink on Urbanspoon
We also took a quick stop through Gertrude Street on the last day of CJ Hendry’s gorgeous 50 Foods in 50 Days exhibition; this extremely talented artist took inspiration from an article about what prison inmates requested for their final meals, and then proceeded to draw 50 foods in 50 days on 50 Hermès plates with just a felt tip pen. Seriously. The attention to detail is beyond incredible – I’d never consider myself as someone with an appreciation for art galleries, but her work really blew me away. If you weren’t able to get to the exhibition, check out her work on Instagram – she actually documented her work day by day as she drew each piece, and it’s AMAZING!

IMG_8365   IMG_8363

Eat here: Two Little Pigs Charcuterie & Grind (brunch) & All Day Donuts, Melbourne

Two Little Pigs Charcuterie & Grind
146 Sydney Rd, Brunswick, Melbourne

You know those friends who you can just text out of the blue to tell them about the guy on your train wearing double denim and know they’re gonna get why that’s funny? Are you lucky enough to have a friend you can talk to when everything is crap and they won’t get huggy or emotional, but will just hate the world with you until you feel better? I’ve got one of those friends, and she’s awesome! We also share the same name, shared the same hellish job for a while, and a deep love for food, among many, many other things. So when she suggests a lunch date, I know I’m gonna be getting the chance to wipe the fake smile off my face and vent about the week’s crap, put a real smile on my face and a laugh about something funny she tells me, talk travel, and eat some damn good food. Two Pigs Charcuterie was the latest venue to host one of our lunch dates.

The Sydney Road deli-cafe specialises in all things pig. And coffee. But we were there for the pig. Cold cuts, sausages, terrine, bacon, pork belly, pulled pork, it’s all there! And not only that, but slow cooked lamb, burgers, eggs, bagels and salads, too. My only issue with the menu was it had too many good looking options on it, which made my life a little difficult! It was a tough call, lots of “ummm”s and “hmmm”s, but in the end, my friend went with the roasted crispy skin pork belly roll with coleslaw and mustard aioli, and it was a good looking sandwich with plenty of filling.


As for me, it had to be the pork belly salad – citrus glazed pork belly with blackened pumpkin, rocket, fennel and raspberry vinaigrette. This wasn’t “salad.” This was crispy pork belly perfection. Little nuggets of super tender pork belly with a crispy top, perfectly sweet and soft pumpkin, and the best raspberry salad dressing I’ve ever had. I wish I could get my salads to taste this good – that’s all I’d eat if I could!! There were so many other things on the menu I’d like to try out next time I visit, but I think I’d find it hard to go past this again!


Sydney Rd is a busy area for cute little cafes, so you know these guys are doing a damn good job to stand out and keep the crowds coming. I’m going to have to try to restrain myself next time so I’ll have room for the pancake/donut hybrid dough cakes. Because they looked and smelled so good, and I want a plate of these on an empty stomach!

Two Little Pigs Charcuterie and Grind on Urbanspoon



All Day Donuts
12 Edward St, Brunswick

So we started walking after lunch and ended up at All Day Donuts. Not sure how that happened… hahaha  ; )

It had been a while since my last visit, and my lovely friend actually hadn’t visited before, so our hands were tied. Since opening almost a year ago, they’ve been keeping a pretty steady line up, with the occasional rotation; here’s what they had on the day I visited with my camera last year, and here’s what they had last weekend:


I actually really love the lack of variation. Know what you’re good at, and keep doing it. This time around, I grabbed me a lime brulee to eat in the sunshine while our chattering continues, and an OG and a raspberry rubble to take home for later. Still as amazing as my first (second, third, etc) visit; fresh out of the oven, perfectly soft and airy dough, everything delicious.


All Day Donuts on Urbanspoon


So this weekend, call that one special, irreplaceable friend of yours, and take them on that double pork & donut date you know you want and need to do.

Eat here: Sullivan Street Bakery, New York

Sullivan Street Bakery
533 W 47th St, New York

Happy Monday! Or, as happy as a Monday can be hehe  : ) Monday mornings always seem to be the most common time for me to think about the travels I’ve taken, and particularly, the tea and cake time outs I’ve taken in beautiful, new cities; those are the times I could reflect on the journey so far, plan the next steps, and just enjoy the moment. This morning, I thought about the Sullivan Street Bakery in New York…


For a bakery that originally didn’t really deal in sweets, the Sullivan Street Bakery has an amazing reputation for some of the best donuts (bomboloni, actually) in the city. I’d heard this was the bakery to visit for some of the best pastry in New York, and the smell that hit me when I walked through the nondescript front door on a particularly cold New York winter morning in January certainly made me feel like visiting was a good decision!

Established back in 1994, the Sullivan Street Bakery is still going strong, supplying their baked goodness to over 250 New York restaurants. Magnificent arrays of breads and pizzas and pastries are the first things you see when you walk in, and I found that it became increasingly difficult to concentrate… I knew I wanted to bomboloni, but there were croissants. And squares of pizza. And other little slices of cake. Damn…

What I wasn’t expecting was just how big an influence the Italian aspect would be there; it was pretty obvious from the flavours, shapes and types of breads and other baked goods that the Italians had been a huge influence here. That made me even more excited.

We ended up getting one of each bomboloni, a vanilla cream and a chocolate, and they were every single little bit as good as everyone says. The lightest, airiest dough, incredible tasting creams, even the powdered sugar on top fit perfectly. It was absurdly hard to say no to another few to eat on the walk, but we resisted. Only to be met at the door by a lovely gentleman with a sample of the day’s special, a dough + Nutella + berry something-or-other… he said he couldn’t let us two young kids out onto the cold streets without something warm and chocolatey to eat, and who where we to not accept?! That, too, was spectacular.

Extra friendly service, completely delicious donuts, beautiful savouries as well as sweets.  Make sure you visit Sullivan Street Bakery for a quick tea and bomboloni pit stop when you’re visiting New York. It’s a necessity.


Sullivan Street Bakery on Urbanspoon