A black bottom oat pie & a call for help :)

On Sunday night, I posted this on Instagram…


Black bottom oat pie 🍴
Part of the little project I started almost a year ago. A little project which has grown wings. I’m hoping to complete it by the end of the year & be brave enough to share it!

Almost a year ago, I started working on a collection of recipes inspired by my travels. I was going to put them together with some photos of the places that inspired them, and add it to my bookshelf for myself and my husband and friends and family to enjoy.

But I’ve had some unwitting encouragement and that little idea has developed into a bigger project… But there’s still some work to do! If anyone might be interested in helping out by testing a recipe, I’d really love to hear from you! Just PM me or email me at jess.eattravelblog@gmail.com 💌

Eat here: Bawa, Melbourne (brunch)

248 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn

Is it just me, or does anyone else get an odd sense of satisfaction when they realise they’ve made it to Wednesday? Half way through the working week feels like a decent achievement. Wednesday is also Breakfast Club day in our house, and usually a work-from-home day for me. I need my Wednesdays; they perk me up. Getting to have breaky at home with my husband and take my fur baby on a lunch break walk around the block is lovely. And starting/finishing earlier than usual allows me to get in some afternoon tea & reading time, and actually still have the time to cook a nice dinner instead of the usual rushed, thrown together plate. Being the text-book introvert that I am, I find it very true that I get my energy from quiet, alone time more than being around lots of people all the time (which is why, as much as I love the chaos of travel, I absolutely MUST have some down time every day to just sit and calm down and write in a travel journal so I can recharge and kep going), so having that day away from the mayhem of an inner CBD office gives me a bit more energy to get through the next few days before the weekend hits.

Being half way to the weekend and enjoying a nice breakfast at home instead of the standard rush job at my desk, Wednesdays are usually also the day I’m thinking of weekend brunch options. Last weekend I got to enjoy an amazing brunch while ticking off part of my New Year’s Resolution goals of meeting a new blogger – Roz from In Love With Brunch – as well as catching up again with Lisa from Lisa Eat World, two lovely ladies who are following their hearts and dreams and doing what makes them happy.

We decided on Bawa as our brunch location, given the massive hype around it right now. Arriving just before 11am on Saturday and seeing the massive crowd gathered out the front was actually more encouraging than not – any time the hipsters are congregating in droves and not complaining about the wait, you know the food is gonna be good.

The cafe itself is a beautiful space, flooded with natural light and greenery. I loved the wooden tables, benches and floorboards; without them, I think it would have felt a little too modern and clinical. The menu is amazing, and I struggled a little to pick something out – there was a lot I loved the look of, but when I saw this, I was hooked:


Obviously. Potato, pork, eggs. Love.

Great option, hence why we saw so many of these flying out of the kitchen. Golden potato, tender pork, perfectly poached eggs, and the most incredible herb hollandaise, which blended perfectly with the egg yolk to the best sauce ever. The little chunks of freeze-dried apple were a nice touch with the pork – probably could have used more than two bites though!

Lisa and I both ordered the pork, but Roz went down the sweet route with the ricotta fritters with strawberries and pecans… which would have been my next option! She kindly let me try a little, and they were so good… soft fritters, beautiful flavour, and the strawberries were incredible!

Don’t be daunted by the crowds – the food IS that good, the menu is amazing and has something for everyone, and this weekend is as good a time as any for a brunch date 🙂
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