Read this: Wanderlust: a Modern Yogi’s Guide to Discovering Your Best Self by Jeff Krasno

Wanderlust: a Modern Yogi’s Guide to Discovering Your Best Self
by Jeff Krasno

Good morning sunshines! I hope everyone’s having a great start to 2016 🙂 After starting the year with my new year’s resolutions, I wanted to carry on with the theme of finding your true north and share this brilliant book with anyone else who’s been struggling to find their path and is looking at 2016 as their new start.

Last year, I discovered Wanderlust, an incredible tribe who are best known for their global yoga festivals, held regularly every where from Oahu to Thredbo. They also run their Wanderlust 108 event around the world, a “mindful triathlon” consisting of a 5km run, a mega yoga class and a guided meditation, which I participated in for the first time last year. When I found out that Jeff, the co-founder of the festivals had put a book together, I knew it was something I had to get my hands on.

The book is a gorgeous collection of ideas, writing, stories, photographs and practices from Wanderlusters around the world. Yogis, artists, thinkers, philosophers, meditators, mind-body experts and business leaders have all lent their voices to this tome, contributing pages on what they know best.

The title is a little deceiving – it’s not just about yoga. It’s about wellness. Yeah, there are a few fantastic guides to physical yoga practice, but there’s also a lot more to it. It touches on all aspects of wellness. Guided meditation practices, wholesome recipes, hands on activities and worksheets to help you plot things out (goals, vision boards, that kind of thing). There are beautifully written essays and provocative pieces to really make you think and re-assess your priorities and direction, and the photography is bohemian perfection.

The main themes are about finding your true north (your direction, your meaning, your path) and finding your tribe:

“In yoga, we often hear the Sanskrit word kula, which means intentional community. The basis of any kula is the feeling that life is best when shared.”

I’ve had this book for 6 months, and it’s stayed on my bed side table since the day it arrived. It’s one of those books you can flick through any time you’re feeling a bit lost or flat, any time you’re needing a little guidance or soul re-setting. The little yoga flows are fantastic when I need a quick 5 minute practice to re-calibrate, and so many of the ideas resonated with me – with so many different contributors, they each connected with a different part of me.

I’m already looking forward to attending my next Wanderlust event and am researching right now which one it’ll be (maybe I could travel a little for one…?!) and as I sit on the train finishing this off and hitting the POST button knowing that today is going to be a stressful one at work, I think I know what I’ll be doing when I get home tonight…

Grab a copy here, brew a pot of tea, and enjoy finding your true north 🙂

Speaking of which, any new year’s resolutions you want to share?


S2, Ep2: Eat. Travel. Blog. It’s been a big weekend :)

Eat. Travel. Blog.


That’s where I’m at right now – cooking and eating good food, travelling the world, and writing about it all. That’s what makes me happy. Also, books and tea and yoga and Marley. But that was a bit too wordy.

It’s been a challenging few weeks for me. I’ve been struggling with some big questions lately, really trying to work out what I’m doing with my life. Same as a lot of other people my age, I guess – it gets to a point that you start to notice what other people are doing with their lives, and you inevitably compare their decisions to yours, and you wonder if the decisions you’ve made are better/worse/smarter/less responsible/selfish/whatever than everyone else’s. Which is completely demented, because there’s no manual for how to live your life. I’ve never had a “plan” before and it’s been working out ok so far, so why bother now?! Instead, I’m trying to go with the theory of if it makes me happy, do more of it, and if it makes me miserable, stop it. With that in mind, I did my best to make this weekend full of stuff that makes me happy:
– I got tattooed with my best friend
– I had a very lovely lunch with the ladies, complete with wine and gossip
– I got busy in the kitchen – cookies, croissants, omlettes, gumbo!
I submitted and had my first ThoughtCatalog article published
– Meat, drinks and more meat with the best group of friends a girl could ask for. And then ice cream. Because what’s a good night without ice cream?!
– Breakfast date. Best kind of date there is.
– Gave the blog a facelift for it’s first birthday, because why not?!

When you’re close to hitting the bottom, the only way to go is up  : )