Through my eyes: watching the sun come up over West Hobart, Tasmania

We were so lucky to have had the most gracious Airbnb host when we visited Hobart earlier this year; Anne was so kind, friendly and thoughtful, making sure every little detail was taken care of for us. Including the tip to set the alarm early, bundle up and enjoy the sunrise from the decking….





Perfect, much?

Through my eyes: sunrise & sunset on Mermaid Beach, Queensland

As I wrote on Tuesday, we were lucky enough to be treated to a quick but fun family holiday in Queensland last weekend; staying at Mermaid Beach in a fifth floor apartment meant we had the most spectacular sunrise and sunset views…

Good morning…


Good night…

Through my eyes: sunrise over Port Arthur, Tasmania

Just a quick little post to end the week  : )  You saw the Port Arthur Motor Inn on Thursday and I’ll show you more of the old convict colony tomorrow, but for now let me show you the view from the grounds when you decide to set your alarm super early, make a cup of tea, and wander out the back of the lodging to watch the sun come up over the historic site…





Punta Sur, Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Good morning world! We’re just kicking off another weekend in Melbourne, where the weather is starting to get a little greyer and colder, so here’s some sunshine from the other side of the world, where it never really gets cold…


Punta Sur is the name given to the cliff on the southern most tip of the Garrafon Reef Park on Isla Mujeres, Mexico. At 20 metres above sea level, it’s actually the highest elevation point in the Yucatan, and the first part of Mexico to see the sun rise.

Oh, and the water is the most absurdly, unnaturally, perfect blue I’ve ever seen. There’s a path carved into the area, too, so make sure you spend a bit of time walking around and enjoying the peace and quiet on Punta Sur – it’s actually heaven 🙂



Through my eyes: Beautiful Fiji – it’s all in the sun!

I’ve already attempted to give a few glimpses into why I love Fiji so much, from the beautiful places and people to the hidden, secret Fiji that no one really ever sees, but now I’d like to share some photos of Fiji that were made possible by one very important element: the sun. It’s almost impossible to understate the importance of sun and natural light to photography, and my photos in Fiji I think are a testament to that. From sunrise to sunset, rainbows and blue skies, none of it could have been captured without the sun and it’s movements and the way it plays itself out on everything…


Photograph © Jess Carey 2014


Photograph © Jess Carey 2014


Photograph © Jess Carey 2014


Photograph © Jess Carey 2014


Photograph © Jess Carey 2014