Travel planning tips

Let’s be honest – planning travel always starts off to be all excitement and grand plans, but at some point usually involves tears, frustration and banging your head against the table when things just aren’t going quite the way you planned. I’ve worked as a travel consultant and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m beyond grateful for any and all help and tips I can get! These posts are some tips and tricks that I’ve picked up on the way that’ll hopefully help other travellers, too 🙂


– How to take your dream trip without breaking the bank (part 1) – saving before the trip
– 5 tips on getting tattooed while travelling
 – 10 ways to travel without breaking the bank (part 2) – saving money while you’re actually on the road
– 10 websites & apps to help you plan your next adventure
– The #👫WorldTour…
– Logistics of RTW travel – Part 1: When & where are you going?
– Logistics of RTW travel – Part 2: How to create your spendings budget
– Logistics of RTW travel – Part 3: How to create your savings budget
– Logistics of RTW travel – Part 4: Tracking your bookings (& saving your sanity)
– Logistics of RTW travel – Part 5: 10 things to do before you head off
– Logistics of RTW Travel – Part 6: Staying healthy on the road
– Logistics of RTW Travel – Part 7: Packing!
– Spending time with yourself or “travelling alone”?
– Women who travel alone are great; so are women who travel with their partners!